Video Work

It happened when i fell asleep

It Happened When I Fell Asleep 🅴 (Short Horror Film) A new nightmare.


Eric played by Rob Gonzalez

Laura played by Jocelyn Paz

Steven played by Fredy Montano

William played by Ishmael Paz

Director of Photography Andrew Brooks Ishmael Paz Rob Gonzalez Music by Fredy Montano

Written/Directed by Ishmael Paz

En Busqueda

En Busqueda (In Search Of) - Full Film 

A young man tries to investigate the loss of his brother after he was brutally murdered in an abandoned home. What he encounters is something far more sinister.

Starring : Rob Gonzalez, Ishmael Paz, Ruth Vilchez, Israel Gonzalez, CeeCee, Baylee Perry & Fredy Montano 

 Music by : Freddy Montano 

 Cinematography by : Andrew Brooks, Chris Romero, Ishmael Paz & Rob Gonzalez

 Edited by: Ishmael Paz 

 Written & Directed by: Rob Gonzalez

Rough Passage

A documentary about a day in the life of many Post 9/11 veterans. They speak with me about the battles they face daily living in a world they cannot adapt to.

Shot Directed and edited by Rob Gonzalez

Produced and Directed by Kenny best

The kill martins

The Killmartins

Suspense/Thriller created for the 48 hour film project

Starring Jessica Michelle, Ceecee, Tiffany Harrison, Ronny Depp, Johnee the Artist, Rob Gonzalez, Andrew Brooks and Ishmael Paz

Shot & Directed by Andrew Brooks, Rob Gonzalez & Ishmael Paz 

Edited by Andrew Brooks

DJI RONIN M Spec Commercial

A quick spec commercial for the DJI RONIN. A look at the Gymbal and its controls also a quick view of its cinematic qualities.

Directed and shot by : Rob Gonzalez

Shot and edited by: Kelvin J

Produced by : Rosa Sanchez and Freddy Montano

Death row series

Death Row is a mystery/drama series about a group of teenagers who abrubtly awaken in the middle of an empty culdasac surrounded by a lone road leading into the woods..

Shot and assistant directed by Rob Gonzalez

Produced, directed, shot and edited by Ishmael Paz

Link to show

Patient Zero Pt.1

"Patient Zero" Short Film
(Door Project 2)
A test patient is given the option to be set free if he selects the correct door. Behind each door is a different illusion of false reality. Will he select the right door?

Directed By Robert Gonzalez @rob.gonzalez__
Cinematography By Joseph Davila @JDFilms
Edited By Andrew Brooks @DayOffFilms
Original Score by Andrew Brooks @artlifedrew
Studio: The Creative Space, Fredericksburg VA

Patient Zero Pt.2

"Patient Zero" Short Film Pt 2
(Final project)
Patient Zero finds himself lost in a city full of people like him. While Dr. Reyes tries to track him down.

Written By Robert Gonzalez
Directed By Robert Gonzalez @rob.gonzalez__ and Lisa Simmons
Cinematography By Joseph Davila @JDFilms
Edited By Andrew Brooks @DayOffFilms
Original Score by Andrew Brooks @artlifedrew
Studio: The Creative Space, Fredericksburg VA

Significations of culture the shared experience

A look into the world of Photographer Erik Patten. A look into the style and pictures of a photographer, living in a world of of social media and self image. 

Shot, directed and edited by Rob Gonzalez

Millennial moonshiners

There is new type of Moonshiners born in Northern Virginia they are the Millennial moonshiners.

Directed and written by Israel Gonzalez
Shot and Edited By Rob Gonzalez
Acting by Ishmael paz and Rob Gonzalez

Mookie floss - O.B.

Music Video

Mookie Floss is a Upcoming rapper from the Gainesville area, his unique style makes him stick out from the norm. His song OB is a expressional statement of who he is in the rap game. 

Edited, shot and directed by me. 

Cooking with Hachete

Hachete doesn't eat fast food!

A 30 second short of Hachete the healthy eating specialist. He teaches you how to make healthy choices for breakfast lunch and dinner. 

Starring: Manuel Martinez

Directed, Shot and Edited by: Rob Gonzalez

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