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En Busqueda

En Busqueda (In Search Of) - Full Film 

A young man tries to investigate the loss of his brother after he was brutally murdered in an abandoned home. What he encounters is something far more sinister.

Starring: Rob Gonzalez, Ishmael Paz, Ruth Vilchez,Israel Gonzalez, CeeCee, Baylee Perry & Fredy Montano 

 Music by : Freddy Montano 

 Cinematography by : Andrew Brooks, Chris Romero, Ishmael Paz & Rob Gonzalez

 Edited by : Ishmael Paz 

 Written & Directed by : Rob Gonzalez

It happened when I fell asleep.

A couple of young men research the miranda theory, a sleep project that looks into sleep paralysis and the horrors of night terrors.  

Directed and written by Ishmael paz. 

Shot and starring Rob Gonzalez, Fredy Montano, Ishmael Paz and Jocelyn Paz

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